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“Unquenchable Fire”

There’s a burning deep within me
Deeper than my very soul
It surrounds me, and inflames me
And it tells me where to go
Directing me, comforting me
With unquenchable fire
Flooding me with joy and love
With passion and desire
Who would dare deny this?
Who could pass it up?
Our Lord Jesus in heaven
Who lives within us, fills our cup
Not with too much nor with too little
Just as much as we can handle
The fire that He has placed within us
Could melt down 10 million candles
A sin detector for all our soul
Leading us towards His light
Guiding us from dark paths with thorns
Towards goodness and all that’s right
It’s the greatest gift from our Lord
Who indeed loves us the most
I thank the Lord each passing day
For His precious Holy Ghost!
With Jesus living within us
Engulfing our insides with flames
He speaks through us in heavenly tongues
Our Lord ain’t playin’ games!
His Spirit He sent to us
So we could live for Him
A gift ready to be opened
Whether your life is bright or dim
Just open up your heart
Make sure that you repent
Be baptized in Jesus’ name
And His Holy Ghost is sent!
It’s simple, and it lasts
Not only that, it’s free!
He will bless you from within
For all eternity!
Mere mortal man can’t take it
Nor can chains and whips
Nor physical or mental torture
Nor breaks, or tears, or rips
He’s with us every moment
A burning flame within
His mercy endureth forever
As does forgiveness of our sin
So lift your hands and raise your voice
To our heavenly Father and King
For He is worthy of all our praise
And every song we sing

By: Jason Ricciardi ©

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