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“Fear vs. Faith”

Warnings on the radio
A red blur on the screen
Still we weren’t sure
Of what they would mean
As the hours passed by
The blue sky grew black
Wind whispered through trees
“There’s no turning back.”

Still Jesus was strong
Watching over us all
Through the panic and fear
He would not let us fall
Squalls and tornadoes
Broken limbs from a tree
Rain pounding like a hammer
Streets flooded with debris

Traffic lights went down
Water levels went up
All left in it’s path
Would wind up corrupt
But still we stood strong
Not too many were hurt
Hurricane Charley next to Jesus
Was nothing more than a squirt

Faith overcame fear
Love overcame all
Our Lord is much stronger
Than any wind, rain, or squall
Let us all praise the Lord
On our feet shall we say
“Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!”
For we’re standing here today

By: Jason Ricciardi ©

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