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“His Whisper”

What have we done
To get where we are
To be where we’re at
Oh, bright Morningstar
We are unworthy
Of this gift of life
The gift of joy, and of truth
The gift of pain, and of strife
Why is it that
Even after our fall
Our sin and destruction
You still love us all
It’s because of Your kindness
And mercy and grace
Flowing throughout our bodies
And throughout this place
This place of deception
Of doubt and of death
Of sin and of failure
You cleanse with Your breath
Your Holy Word
Which resides in our heart
Is all that we cling to
As the world splits apart
Controversies and wars
Surround and confuse
But with God on our side
There’s no need for the blues!
Get down on your knees
And lift up your hands
Turn over your life
To He who commands
The Author of Existence
Whom wrote every one’s book
Instead of appearance
In our hearts takes a look
Though we are mere dust
And will soon be no more
We all have a purpose
Knocking on our hearts’ door
We arise in His name
As we’re set on the path
He’s laid out before us
To avoid Satan’s wrath
When searching for meaning
That’s clearer and crisper
Close your eyes and surrender
Giving ear to His whisper

By: Jason Ricciardi ©

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